Taq extenders and Pfu polymerase

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Tue Mar 7 06:45:37 EST 1995

In article <3ijf8r$6hd at pegasus.rutgers.edu>, volkov at pegasus.rutgers.edu (Alexander Volkov) says:
>Did anybody try to use Taq extenders with Pfu (or Vent)
>polymerase? What is the nature of those extenders?
>Any bit of information will be really appreciated.
>Many thanks.
>Alex Volkov

The TAQ extender (well, stratgenes) is diluted PFU so I don't see the 
point of using the two together. As for Taqextenders and Vent I've 
used the two for long PCR with considerable success. E-mail me if you
want more details.

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