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>>Just mix equal molar amounts.  0.5 mole/L monobasic + 0.5 mole/L
>>dibasic and there's your 1M stock.  For the hyb soln' mix up
>>2 parts NaPO4 stock, 1 part water, 1 part 20% SDS.
In the original paper it is suggested to titrate Na2HPO4 with phosphoric
acid to pH 7.2. The only difficulty you may get here is that this chemical
is available with 2H2O and 10H2O, so watch the MW on the bottle. And, 
although it is kind of textbook reminder, "1 M Na2HPO4" is 1M with respect
to sodium and 0.5 M in phosphate, so in practice you divide the MW by 2 and
weigh that out to be dissolved in 1 liter. It is impossible to dissolve one
mole of this salt in 1 liter at r.t., but I saw many people hopelessly waiting
by the stirrer for it! Cheers,
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