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>>Neil Harris <nh3 at> wrote:
>> I'm about to draw diagrams to demonstrate the construction of a plasmid I 
>> have recently finished and need some Mac compatible software to generate 
>> some nice pictures with restriction sites etc. Rather than spend money on 
>> obtaining such a program, I was wondering whether anyone knows if 
>> anything is available via the world wide web?
>The precommercial version of DNA Strider should be available from many sites
>on the net. Try ftp to Strider allows you to 
>generate restriction maps very easily if you have the sequence of the plasmid.
>I might be wrong but I think that annotation of plasmid features e.g. gene 
>positions is not easy with this program.

Main problem with the old Strider is that you can only get the map
into your other applications as a screen shot bit-map   UNTIL NOW. 
I have just come across a little extension to the Mac OS called
PictPocket which will grap PICT data from the system while it is
re-drawing the window.  Result: a PICT in the clipboard which can be
pasted into your favourite publishing application and edited without
loss of resolution.

PictPocket extension is available on the usual sites as:


Email me if you need further details.


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