2-D Electrophoresis

ya-ya ayele_bandele at qmcumc.mail.cornell.edu
Wed Mar 8 16:09:29 EST 1995

>  This is my first time posting so bear with me.
>  I recently started running 2-D gels using the Bio-Rad system.
>  My first question is what can be done to prevent the horizon-
>  tal lines in the gel?
>  I am solubilizing in 2% NP-40,4% ampholyte, 9.5M Urea and 100mM DTT.
>  Next question, when running an 8mm X 10mm 2nd dimension gel, is it 
>  normal for it to run for an hour >  and 45 minutes.
>  Finally, I recently purchased gelcode color Silver Stain; but the 
>  only colors I see are brown and yellow spots on an amber background. Normal?
>  Does this group have a FAQ listing? if so how do I find it?
>  Hope someone can help me :->
>  TIA
>  Ayele

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