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Wed Mar 8 16:07:42 EST 1995

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We have put together a very simple system for gel documentation which consists of:

Mac Centris 650, 24MB RAM, 1GB HD
Perceptics Pixel Buffer frame grabber /  the Scion LC-3 is a good and cheaper alternative and the 
					 new version can adjust the exposure time of the COHU camera
					 via the software.
Laser writer Pro 630 printer
and most the most important component:
COHU 4912 CCD camera with the IR cutoff filter factory installed 
(this eliminates the glow from the transilluminator)
Cosmicar CCTV 8.5mm f1.5 lens
40.5mm UV filter (1A)
40.5mm 23A filter 

we run either NIH Image v1.56 or Adobe Photoshop, both can easily acquire images from
the camera.

The only thing we have not done is to wireup a timer to the camera to increase its
exposure time from 1/30 sec. to something variable like 1/30 to 4 sec. It has not been 
necessary so far.The output from the printer is excellent for lab books and under the right exposure 
conditions good for publications

Any questions feel free to e-mail me at:

shia at

Michael A. Shia, Ph.D.
Department of Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine

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