Kits for genomic DNA from blood (lymphocytes)

Silvia Spitzer SSPITZER at
Wed Mar 8 15:43:14 EST 1995

In article <3jid1c$cu8 at>, Brad Thomas
<bthomas at> wrote:

> We are a diagnostic lab with a high throughput of samples for
> genetic testing. Does anyone know of a kit that is easy to use, rapid,
> and gives good quality DNA in good yield from lymphocytes or whole 
> blood. DNA is used for Southern blotting and PCR templates.
> We have not had good luck with column techniques.
> Currently we are relying on labor- and time-intensive 
> phenol-chloroform extractions.

In our Mol Diagnostics lab we use PUREGENE from GENTRA. It always works,
it is easy to use and the DNA is ready in less than 1h. 1-800-866-3039

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