Research mice & where should they come from?

Wed Mar 8 15:38:47 EST 1995

Another week and spring break and I'll give you folks a break from my
endless questions!
Here's another scenario.  Small University = no money.  I'm going to use
mouse lymphocytes to finish a grad students project.  It has been suggested
that I could just buy some pet store mice, euthanize them and harvest the
blood for my project.  The concern I expressed was possible criticism at
publication submission time that said mice could be diseased and effect the
results.  Their response was that animal facility mice are infected anyway
and there is no guarantee of freedom from disease unless you go to SPF mice
(and $$$). Any comments?
Gordon Betts
Biology Dept.
East Texas State University
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
The Today show did a story on people that complain.  Don't you just hate
stories like that?  They're such a waste of time.  And besides that, they're

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