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Wed Mar 8 13:45:06 EST 1995

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> Hi,
>    I wonder if anyone can help a budding two-hybrid person. I am 
> looking to use the GAL4 based two-hybrid system to search for proteins
> that might interact with one which I am studying. Trouble is, there
> is a possiblity that my protein of interest might interact directly(!)
> with the acidic domain of GAL4 *ug!*
>   Now, this protein might also interact with VP16 acidic domain
> from the LexA two-hybrid as well. Would these interactions (if they
> really do occur) be a problem? It seems to me (not being familiar
> with this system) that they might. Have I missed something in the
> theory of this that would screen out such false positives?
>   Thanx for any info in advance,
>          Simon.
> ps. If any of you out there who use 2-hybrid technology fancy sending
> me an email, maybe it would be a good idea to form a sort of 'group'
> so we can exchange ideas/problems/solutions. What do you think?
> Simon Dawson
> Dept. Biochemistry
> Nottingham
> U.K.
> Email: mbxspd at
> URL:


See the newsgroup bionet.molbio.yeast for an on and off discussion.


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