phosphorothioate oligos for antisense

Dave Keys davekeys at
Thu Mar 9 10:46:51 EST 1995

I'm looking for advice on where to get custom phosphorothioate oligos made,
and what grade of purification is required for use in antisense repression

Any suggestions or experience would be helpful.

-Dave Keys

PS - For anyone who just read this message because they were wondering what
     a phosphorothioate oligo is (as I would have recently), it's a oligo
     with a sulfur replacing one of the oxygens in the internucleotide
     linkage as shown below. The "R"'s stand for the riboses.

         R                 R
         |                 |
         O                 O
         |                 |
      .O-P=0            .S-P=O
         |                 |
         O                 O
         |                 |
         R                 R
   phosphodiester   phosphorothioate

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