Sequencing apparatus

R. John Lye rjl6n at
Thu Mar 9 07:30:30 EST 1995

> The wire in the bottom buffer tray of our BRL sequencing apparatus recently 
> broke.  The wire is a platinum wire, and a replacement will be nearly 
> impossible to get within a short period of time (not to mention costs).
> Any ideas on what can be used instead of platinum, eg. would gold be a 
> suitable alternative?

Why do you think platinum wire is so hard to find?  I just
bought a six inch length of 30 gauge platinum wire from
either VWR or Fisher for about $16 - they sell longer
lengths, too and the price per inch was slightly less
for the longer rolls - also thinner wire is cheaper.
Obviously, I don't know your budget, but this is unlikely
to be much more expensive than the gold wire you were


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