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>> "1 M Na2HPO4" is 1M with respect
>> to sodium and 0.5 M in phosphate, so in practice you divide the MW by 2 and
>> weigh that out to be dissolved in 1 liter.  
>Sorry, Alexander, but I have to correct you:
>"1 M Na2HPO4" means that 1mol of Na2HPO4 is contained in 1 l of 
>solution, thus the solution is 2 M in  Na and 1 M in PO4. But, of 
>course, if you need a solution which is 1 M in Na than you titrate a 
>0.5 M Na2PO4 with phosphoric acid as originally described.
>Cheers,    Edwin
Yes, Edwin, you are right. Thanks for correcting. I meant to say that the
usual meaning is one-molar-sodium (phosphate) is 0.5 M in the usual chemical
definition. I have been using this solution for more than 10 years and it is
a shame what I have written....

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