DMSO in PCR rxns ??

Glibert Fabrice glibert at
Thu Mar 9 06:39:04 EST 1995

In article <3jlmdi$6qs at>, Glen Shearer <gshearer at> writes:
|> I think I saw a recent post about adding DMSO to PCR reactions
|> which gave better results.  True?  Or am I just dreaming this?
|> If so, what does the DMSO do?
|> Glen
|> [gshearer at]

i use Xylene Cyanol Blue in my PCR reaction for loading
my gel just after the PCR and i add in the reaction
During my test i saw that the sucrose reduce the non
specifics bands perhaps because sucrose is a very large
i used it a 2 4 or 6% sucrose in final reaction
i hope that you understand what i mean because i know
i have a very bad english...sorry !


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