little blue pestles

Paul D. Boyer pboyer at
Thu Mar 9 22:11:17 EST 1995

johnstoj at (Jillian Johnston) writes:

>Hi Peta
>I found the motor for these pestles in the Kimble catalogue p60.
>The catalogue no. is 95100-99.  I don't know how much it is.  It
>is described as a "cordless motor for resuspending pellet in
>microtube without finger fatigue".

I've used these extensively for homogenizing embryonic mouse tissues.  The
hand-held, battery-operated motor has a good deal of power, altho you need
to keep a good supply of batteries on hand.  The VWR cat # is 95050-99
for the pestles.  They're autoclavable or disposable.  Either way, a case
goes a long way!

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