Oligo 4.0-s program

Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Mar 9 21:50:16 EST 1995

>Dear colleagues,
>If somebody , as I do, uses Oligo 4.0-s to design his primers,
>could he be so kind as to share its opinions about this question?:
>Is just my impression or the program is extraordinarily, maybe
>excessively severe? If I do a combined search, 9 time out of ten
>the program does not find two primers which could give a reasonable
>probability of success. I use the program default parameters.
>Thanks in advance for your answers.

I think that the program is too stringent.  In my favourite gene IL-5,
Oligo 4 cannot find me ANY what it calls good primers yet I have oodles of
primers in that gene that work just fine.  So I have stopped using oligo 4
and design by eye using some general rules and then run them agains the
gene using Amplify.  If Amplify says they are OK they always work.

Cheers, Klaus

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