Rf: How "random" are random primers?

LOGAND logand at msdos.montpellier.inra.fr
Thu Mar 9 12:49:03 EST 1995

Allen Black wrote:

>A friend of mine asked an interesting question.  What is the G-C content of a
>random hexamer?  Before you flame, I know that it would be 50% if it is
>truly random sequence.  The more relevant question is perhaps is a random
>hexamer truly random or is the G-C content decreased to increase the annealing
>temperature of the hexamer.  My friend had no luck with the local tech-reps.
>Can someone out there help my friend out?

Annoyingly I don't have the answer but a further question regarding the 
above. If the primers were truly random then am I right to think that the 
GC content would not be fixed at all and will range from 0 to 100%? Are we 
talking random nucleotides or are we talking codons. Personally I don't 
know what I'm talking about....


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