Fluoro-dATP sequencing kit problem

Jarkko Kortesmaa jkortes at paju.oulu.fi
Thu Mar 9 05:07:36 EST 1995

We have a Pharmacia Automatic Laser Fluorescence DNA sequencer in the house,
but it has required the use of fluoro-labelled primers. Labelling is not fun,
so in practise only universal primers can be used and sequencing requiring
specific primers is carried out manually. 

Now there is a kit utilizing fluorescein labelled dATP:s, but it doesn't seem
to work at all. First comes the strong signal caused by unincorporated label
and then nothing. The signal does prove that there is fluorescein present.

Only a few attempts to make it work have been made this far, but I'd like to
know if anybody has been able to make it work? Maybe it is just a bad lot or
something like that? 

Thanks in advance.

Jarkko Kortesmaa		Dept. of Biochemistry and Biocenter Oulu
jkortes at paju.oulu.fi		University of Oulu

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