Help needed-- understanding POROS / Perfusion chromatography

Fri Mar 10 13:35:20 EST 1995

Hello Netters,

I am interested in getting some information from

scientists that have used the Perseptive Biosystems 

POROS chromatography material.  The information 

I am looking for is summarized in the following questions:

1.	For what applications is the POROS 

chromatography material especially suited for? 

2.	For what purposes do you personally 

use the POROS resins?  What advantages does 

POROS offer that other chromatography materials

do not that caused you to select it?

3.	For what applications is POROS not the 

best choice?  What are it's disadvantages?

Thanks for you help.  If you are willing, can you 

please also give me your name and phone number 

so I can discuss this these topics with you personally? 

Thanks in advance.

Rick Martin

rmartinqfd at


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