in situ, ethanol or methanol for dehydration?

jie li li_je at
Fri Mar 10 12:26:02 EST 1995

Hi, netters
  I am doing whole mount in situs of stage 12  chick embryos.  To store
fixed embryo for future use, the red book recommends using increasing
concentrations of (50, 70, 95,100) ethanol in the dehydration step, which
is currently used in our lab without great results.  I also read about
people using methanol in the dehydration step.  Which of the method you
know is better, methanol or ethanol?
  It seems to me that 4% paraformaldehyde and methanol are the two most
commonly used fixatives for whole mounts.  But to fix cells, 3.5%
formaldehyde can do the job.  Why don't people use formaldehyde to fix the
embryos also, since it's much more convenient to use?
                                                                 JIe Li
                                                                U of PENN

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