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On 7 Mar 1995 19:43:40 GMT,
  Brad Thomas writes:

>We are a diagnostic lab with a high throughput of samples for
>genetic testing. Does anyone know of a kit that is easy to use, rapid,
>and gives good quality DNA in good yield from lymphocytes or whole
>blood. DNA is used for Southern blotting and PCR templates.
>We have not had good luck with column techniques.
>Currently we are relying on labor- and time-intensive
>phenol-chloroform extractions.


Have you ever tried using  'NUCLEON' kits marketed by Scotlab.

The kit uses dumb-bell shaped tubes and a silica resin slurry to separate
the DNA containing phase from the organic rubbish phase. (You do have to
use Chloroform).

Some of my colleagues prefer this method, and say that it requires alot
less pippetting, gives good quality DNA and in higher yields, than by
Phenol/Chloroform. They have also been know to work when the phenol/
chloroform extraction method has failed.

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