why fix sequencing gel?

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In article <bazanowski-0903951217100001 at cellbio03.med.upenn.edu>, bazanowski at a1.mscf.upenn.edu (Anne Bazanowski) writes:
>Why do we fix sequencing gel with acetic acid?  I've tried drying and
>exposing without any fixing and the gel looks OK.

In the last creation of Paul Hendgen, The FAQ List, there is a major feature
on this. 
However, I would like to add, that removing urea during fixing does improve
the intensity, since the gel is thinner. My own killer approach to these gels
is to stick it to the Whatman paper, transfer to the dryer, cover with 
aluminium foil ( thin cooking foil from the local food store ) and dry.
No fixing! Foil can be removed after exposure to your metal waste container.
These gels do not stick to your film, even in humid climate. Cheers,
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