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> Good morning all.
>         I'm looking for a sequence, probably a coding region that codes for a 
> highly conserved a highly conserved protein, that is very close to identical
> between mouse and human... I would think my best chance
> for finding primers that would work on with both species would be in a highly
> conserved structural gene or some such, but I just don't know. 
>                                                         -Jeff

A friend of mine works on Dystrophin and she says that the 3' end (UTR)
is very highly conserved (at the nucleotide level, of course) for over a
hundred bases between human, mouse, and even chicken.  You might look
at that gene.  Alternatively, I'm sure that if you DL'd and compared 
genebank sequences for things like globin, histone, and other ancient 
genes (relatively speaking), you would find a good number of possible 
primers that would work on both species.
- Dan

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