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Shiao Y. Wang sywang at
Fri Mar 10 00:35:41 EST 1995

Karen Browning (kbrowning at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU) wrote:
: >Graham Atherton writes:

: Can anyone recommend a good scientific graphing programme for showing

: Try PSI-Plot by Polysoft (801-485-0466).  It is reasonably inexpensive (lists about $450, but I got a coupon in the mail to get it for only $60!!) and I learned to use it in an afternoon.  I am not sure about color print out, but the screen has colors, 

I have both PSI-Plot and SigmaPlot. Both are excellent. PSI-Plot is almost
a clone of SigmaPlot (the Windows version). PSI-Plot was on sale for $49. 

Shiao Wang
University of Southern Mississippi

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