X-ray film storing

Emmanuel Skoufos, Ph.D. skoufos at nefeli.imbb.forth.gr
Fri Mar 10 12:45:02 EST 1995

Rafael Maldonado <rafael at corona> writes:
>What is the best way to store X-ray film? We usually keep it in the cold 
>room (4C), but I read in the box that the optimal temperature range is 
>between 10C and 21C. So, is it better store them at room temperature 
>(with air conditioning)?. How long can you keep them on the bench?
>Is it really affected by temperature?

We are routinely storing our X-ray films (all types) in a drawer in the 
dark room and we are having no problems with the quality of the exposures.
Usually a box of film stays open for about a month or so in these conditions
before all film is consumed.

I hope this is of help


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