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> We are going to acquire a CO2 cell culture incubator.  Could
> you recommend any particular make/model?
> Thank you.
> Anton

A long time ago (about 8 yrs), I worked in a lab that had a Forma incubator

with digital readout of temp and CO2.  The problem was, it always read out
the CO2 at what you set it at, we wanted 5% so it said it was 5% - even
inside it could be 0% or 20%.  The service reps pulled out a bunch of lame
excuses but didn't have much luck fixing it.  So when I went to another job
had to buy a new CO2 incubator, I went with the old manual readout
bubble) type and never had any trouble (bought it about 6 yrs ago).  Just
through the Fisher, VWR, Baxter catalogs.
	Forma may have solved this problem or maybe it was just a lemon and not a
general problem, but that's my experience.


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