Methylmercuric hydroxide- SOURCE?

rosemary hoffman rth at
Fri Mar 10 18:00:08 EST 1995

Our lab's supply of MeHgOH is almost depleted :-( or :-), depending on your
personal preference for RNA gel techniques.  It's even more difficult to
find than I'd anticipated, but before trying to convince my advisor to change
our lab protocols to formaldehyde gels, I thought I'd give netnews a try.
I know Serva sells 0.5ml aliquots for a frightful $33 each!  I've also tried
looking for Alfa/Ventron who used to be in Mass - no luck.

Does anyone know of their location or of another source I could contact?

Thanks in advance.

Rosemary Hoffman, world's oldest biochem grad student.

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