CO2 Cell Culture Incubator

Cheah Kathryn Song Eng hrmbdkc at HKUXA.HKU.HK
Fri Mar 10 21:52:18 EST 1995

I am sorry to say that for us NUAIRE incubators are a complete no no. We 
bought 2 2 years ago. One has never worked. The other one has broken 
down after one year. Another dept also bought two, both break down 
constantly. The company /agent has been terrible and only grudgingly 
agreed to replace the non-functional one after a long time of wrangling. 
The replacement has still not arrived!!!! We will never buy another 
Nuaire incubator again.

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On 11 Mar 1995, Brad Thomas wrote:

> atevelev at (Anton Tevelev) wrote:
> NUAIRE makes a line of economical incubators that work well.
> Shelf area was nice and large in the model we bought.  We chose
> time-regulated CO2 over infrared.  Models have no doubt changed 
> since 1992, so I won't give model numbers.  The unit had 2nd gas
> capability, so you could work with different oxygen tensions if
> desired.  Most models from other manufacturers with this feature
> were pricey as I recall.  FORMA also makes nice incubators.

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