Antibiotic shelf life?

Emmanuel Skoufos, Ph.D. skoufos at
Sat Mar 11 17:17:39 EST 1995

"William C. (Bill) Johnson" <ez003195 at> writes:
>General question - how long do most antibiotics retain their effectiveness?
>Specifically - how useful is, say, the four year old tube of ampicillin I 
>found in the -20 freezer?  I've been told that most antibiotics in an 
>agar plate are only good for a few weeks, and now I wonder about our stocks.

Freezer stocks are usually good for up to six months at -20, one year at -80.
At least this is the guidelines we've been using.  You may want to try pouring
a couple of plates with your old amp and see whether amp sensitive bacteria
will grow.



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