QIAquick Spin Columns

Pekka Rappu pekrappu at sara.cc.utu.fi
Fri Mar 10 02:44:31 EST 1995

In article <Pine.3.89.9412051637.A14125-0100000 at bongo.cc.utexas.edu>, hempel at BONGO.CC.UTEXAS.EDU ("Alice L. Hempel") writes:
> Does anyone have a recipe for a solubilization buffer (QX1) for use with
> the Qiagen QUIquick Spin Columns for DNA extraction from agarose gels? 
>  We always run out of this before any of the other components of the kit. 
> This usually gives us good yields of PCR product for direct sequencing,
> with less work than the glass milk methods, but it is frustrating to run
> out of one thing long before any of the others. 
> Alice Hempel
> hempel at bongo.cc.utexas.edu

        Perharps you have already noticed that QIAGEN Inc. sells both QX1 and 
        PE buffers individually. QX1 buffer comes in 300 or 100 ml
        bottles. I do not know the price of these products but I
        assume it is reasonable.  

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