Want PCR to incorporate 32P label

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Sat Mar 11 23:26:43 EST 1995

PAUL JONES (jone3 at essex.ac.uk) wrote:
: Has anyone had success with incorporation of 32P dNTP into an extending strand
: in PCR for northern/ southern hybridisation?  I would have thought is would 
: give 
: higher signal / noise ratio than probes produced by random hexamer method 
: and a method of choice for probes <200 bp.

: Hope there is opinion out there.

Well I am sure there is a protocol out therte to do it correctly but remember
that when you start with template DNA, that portion is going to be cold. 
Therefore you will not get the right amount of labelled probe. The random
hexamer method makes sure that ALL ( or almost all) of your DNA is 
labelled . If anybody has a protocol that uses direct label integration for
making probes I would love to talk to you.
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