GPI anchors

Iain Wilson wilson at
Sun Mar 12 06:49:10 EST 1995

H. David Fischer <davefischer at> wrote:
> I would like to express a recombinant protein on the surface of CHO cells
> as a chimeric anchored through phosphatidylinositol-glycan.  Does anyone
> know a source for an expression plasmid that makes GPI-anchored proteins?

I don't know whether such an expression system is commericially 
available but perhaps you could approach Udenfriend or Caras who have 
done a number of expression studies:

e.g. fiddling with the anchoring of alkaline phosphatase -
Gerber et al. JBiolChem 1992 267:12168

or fusing human growth factor sequence with decay accelerating factor
Caras 1991 JCellBiol 1991 113:77

A relatively recent review is Englund AnnuRevBiochem 1993 62:121

Hope this helps.


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