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> > : Has anyone had any experience with P1 screening services offered by 
> > : Genomes Systems or any other biotech company? Thanks.

> We have used Genome Systems extensively (at least 7 seperate screens)
> and are very happy with both the actual results and the attitude of
> the people there we have dealt with.  Each pair of primers sent resulted
> in an average of more than 2 P1s returned.  They have always been from
> the correct locus and, except in one case, all were greater than 65-70 kb.
> The one that wasn't turned out to be very unstable in YACs also.  I can't
> say that we've tried any other company though (...if it ain't broke...).

We have been working with them to purify P1's on Nucleobond AX kits, and
in the course of the discussion they had indicated several thousand
screens have been done.  It seems that they have a good reputation among
the postings I have seen too. They are very pleasant to work with and take
the time to understand the problems.

We were successful in isolating the P1 and if you want the details email
me or call them.  They will be modifying their stock answer that there are
no kits out there that work, but there too they may not choose to use a
kit for this isolation since there are other alternatives, as usual :-(

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