COS-1 cells wanted

Uttam Rajbhandary bhandary at
Mon Mar 13 19:09:00 EST 1995

In article <3jhi33$95h at>, seppen at writes...
>Hi netters,
>Until now we have always used COS-7 cells for transient expression.
>Unfortunately we are now only allowed to use them under special safety
>conditions. COS-1 cells do not have a complete integration of SV-40 virus so we
>can use these in our lab. Does somebody know were we can get these cells??
>Thanks in advance
>Jurgen Seppen
>The Netherlands

I would go with getting them from ATCC (American Type Culture Collection); the 
shipping charges will probably set you back a bit, but the stuff will be 
certified.  Perhaps there is a similar organization nearer to you.  BTW, in 
using both cos-7 and cos-1 with sv40 ori based plasmids, I've found stronger 
signals using the cos-1.  I think that the cos-1 is suppose to have higher 
levels of T-antigen.

No one said anything specific to us about using cos-7; is this a recent 
development in your institute.  At present, we operate under bl2 rules (since 
some of our vectors have > 70% of the full SV40 genome).  Perhaps this 
automatically covers for cos-7 anyway.

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