Genetic Diagnostics/Infectious Diseases Conference

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Mon Mar 13 14:48:40 EST 1995

Cambridge Healthtech Institute is sponsoring a meeting, "Advances in 
Genetic Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases," to be held April 19-20, 1995 
in Washington, DC.

Genetic diagnostics provide significant advantages with infectious agents 
that are difficult to culture or in cases including the emergence of 
multi-drug resistant strains, where it is critical to distinguish between 
closely related strains of the agent.  Increasingly, quantification of 
viral or infectious load is being used as surrogate markers in clinical 
trials, to monitor disease progression or response to therapy, in order 
to tailor therapy to the individual patient.  These and other key 
diagnostic issues, including results with newly developed tests, will be 
discussed in detail.

--Session Chairs--
Dr. Thomas M. Shinnick, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Kathleen D. Eisenach, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Dr. Thomas R. Gingeras, Affymetrix
Dr. Steven A. Herman, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
Dr. Indira K. Hewlett, CBER, FDA
Dr. Craig S. Hill, Gen-Probe Incorporated
Dr. Helen H. Lee, Abbott Laboratories
Dr. Richard D. Press, Oregon Health Sciences University
Dr. Ira Schwartz, New York Medical College
Dr. Mathias Uhlén, Royal Institute of Technology
Dr. Gerard F. Vovis, Genome Therapeutics Corporation
Dr. G. Terrance Walker, Becton Dickinson Research Center
Abbott Laboratories
Organon Teknika

Exhibitors:  Digene, Gen-Probe

Coming soon: "New Applications of Emerging Molecular Diagnostics for 
Diseases:" June 26-27, The Regent London, London England.

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chi at  

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