phosphorothioate oligos for antisense

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> I'm looking for advice on where to get custom phosphorothioate oligos made,
> and what grade of purification is required for use in antisense repression
> experiments.
> Any suggestions or experience would be helpful.
> -Dave Keys
> PS - For anyone who just read this message because they were wondering what
>      a phosphorothioate oligo is (as I would have recently), it's a oligo
>      with a sulfur replacing one of the oxygens in the internucleotide
>      linkage as shown below. The "R"'s stand for the riboses.
>          R                 R
>          |                 |
>          O                 O
>          |                 |
>       .O-P=0            .S-P=O
>          |                 |
>          O                 O
>          |                 |
>          R                 R
>    phosphodiester   phosphorothioate
> -- 
> Dave Keys      
> Graduate Student
> Genetics Department
> University of Wisconsin at Madison
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Dave, I think that the DNA synthesis core facility at UW-Madison can make
these oligo's for you.  You would want to get them synthesized at the 1
µmol scale and have them desalted.  This would give you enough to do
repeat experiments.  If the core cannot synthesize what ou need e-mail  or
call me and we can make them here.
Jim Burrows
jburrows at

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