help me!! (254 nm UV damages DNA)

Mon Mar 13 11:34:50 EST 1995

Heidi Moss wrote:
> 1) Our lab owns only a 254nm UV lamp/photo apparatus. Obviously, long 
wave is better for viewing/cutting-out my inserts.  Could THIS be my 
major source of difficulty? I do take time to carefully cut out my inserts 
since I want a small clone from a large, multi-banded lambda DNA. ...

Yes, it will damage your DNA.  It will also damage your eyes and your
skin.  Do NOT labor over a 254nm light box unless you're completely
shielded, including your hands.

When you imply that you can't find a proper light box at Cornell Univ.,
you make it clear that you don't get around enough.  Find some molecular
biologists who are outside of your lab and not themselves floundering.
Introduce yourself; make friends; show them your gel photos; 
get advice face-to-face.  For this kind of problem they can do a lot
for you that we can't do over the net.  You'll discover that the molecular
biologists who are successful generally have no hesitation to walk up
the hall and seek a consultation, and that they are generally willing
to advise others.

Steve Hardies, Assoc. Prof. of Biochem., Univ. of Texas HSC at San Antonio
Hardies at

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