Methylmercuric hydroxide- SOURCE?

Thomas O'Neill toneil1 at
Mon Mar 13 20:55:22 EST 1995

On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, rosemary hoffman wrote:

> Our lab's supply of MeHgOH is almost depleted :-( or :-), depending on your
> personal preference for RNA gel techniques.  It's even more difficult to
> find than I'd anticipated, but before trying to convince my advisor to change
> our lab protocols to formaldehyde gels, I thought I'd give netnews a try.
> I know Serva sells 0.5ml aliquots for a frightful $33 each!  I've also tried
> looking for Alfa/Ventron who used to be in Mass - no luck.
> Does anyone know of their location or of another source I could contact?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rosemary Hoffman, world's oldest biochem grad student.

   I purchased Methylmercury hydroxide from Alfa about three years ago. 
They were the ONLY source for the stuff I could find. I work in a 
different lab now so I don't have an address handy-- try the 800 
directory assistance, I thinks that's what I did.

				Good luck and don't breathe,

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