PCR using lambda gt11 primers

Malcolm Moos Jr. moos at helix.nih.gov
Mon Mar 13 09:56:19 EST 1995

elida at parasit.lan.mcgill.ca wrote:
> I have purified clones from a lambda gt11 library and I am having problems when trying removing the insert from the EcoR1 
> cloning site (EcoR1 does not cut the purified DNA, while other restriction enzymes do). I would like to know if anyone in this 
> net has ever tried to use PCR to amplify inserts in lambda gt11 using specific lambda gt11 primers. I have tried without 
> success. 
> If you know the secret, please help me!!!
> Elida.
> Check our paper in BioTechniques (18:130; Jan 95). We had difficulty
at first also. 

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