DNase treatment of RNA sample

Toshiharu Ishizuka tishizuk at AQUARIUS.BEKKOAME.OR.JP
Mon Mar 13 06:15:07 EST 1995

Dear bionetters

        We are doing differential display experiment. During the
purification of RNA to remove the chromosomal DNA, we have a serious

        We purified RNA from heart by Chomczynski method (with TRIZOL LS
Reagent). However, after the DNase treatment of the RNA, most of the RNA
was degraded. We used the RNase-free DNase I of Boehringer Mannheim. We
think that the cause of the degradation is the contamination of RNase in
RNA sample itself or DNase.

        We would like to know whether the RNA sample purified by
Chomczynski method contains some RNase. If so, is it necessary to treat the
RNA with some additional method (phenol extraction etc.) ? We also
appreciate if somebody inform me the supplier's name of good DNase I. Any
comment is O.K. Please teach me.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Toshiharu Ishizuka
Department of Biochemistry, Chiba University, School of Medicine
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