mouse vs human

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Mon Mar 13 13:29:21 EST 1995

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jeff at COMPBIO2.MED.WAYNE.EDU (Jeff Kramer) wrote:
>Good morning all.
>        I'm looking for a sequence, probably a coding region that codes for a 
>highly conserved a highly conserved protein, that is very close to identical
>between mouse and human.  Basically, I hope to design two primers that will
>work in both mouse and in human genomic DNA, so anything similar enough to give
>a few stretchs of 20 or so nucleotides that are the same, so that I have a 
>chance of designing primers that are compatible with one another would be
>ideal.  Does such a thing exist, or am I hoping too much?  I have primer sets
>for mouse and human actin which are different.  I would think my best chance
>for finding primers that would work on with both species would be in a highly
>conserved structural gene or some such, but I just don't know.  Thanks in 
>advance for your input...
>                                                        -Jeff

18S rRNA is probably the most highly conserved gene there is in animals.

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