Phenol distillation

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>: >Can any of you suggest whether distillation of new AR phenol should be
>: >necessary?
>: Equilibrate with water or buffer.  If the phenol is colorless, with no
>: reddish tinge, it should be OK to use as is.

>That's right. I equilibrate with buffer containing Tris-HCL (7.4), NaCl, 
>and EDTA.  I do not do any boiling. Though this is a pain in the butt 
>too, it's much safer.

Or, better yet,if you don't need tons of the stuff, buy some pre-equilibrated
phenol. I bought some phenol/chloroform/isoamyl alc. from USB, and it's worth
every penny. It's expensive, so if you need a lot of it, it'll run into  a lot
of money. But I have a 400 ml bottle that's going to last me until I get of my

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