WANTED: Course lab protocols

Garry P. Larson glarson at ccmail.llu.edu
Tue Mar 14 22:52:52 EST 1995

Anyone out there with a good "tried-and'true" experiment for grad students
in an Adv. MOlec. Genetics Lab please let me know:

I'm looking for a lab for the following:
	a) oligo site-directed mutagenesis, sequencing, an subsequent phenotype
analysis in coli, yeast or whatever (should take 2-4 days, total)  AND
 b) any lab which use fluorescent DNA labeled products that can be sized on
an ABI 373 and analyzed with Genescan software

I am however flexible and willing to look at anything interesting--you be
the judge.

I don't have time to optimize (ie. _ick around with the variables) so it
should be well detailed and, of course, always work!!!!!

Perhaps you might know of a reference source for labs of this nature, ala a
CSH type of class.  If you do, drop me a line (using electrons of course)

Thank you, Garry Larson
Loma Linda Univ.
Ctr. for MOlec. Biol and Gene Therapy

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