Autoclaving Dextran Sulfate?

Dr Joseph Behnam szsbejos at
Wed Mar 15 08:37:49 EST 1995

In article <3joqj0$lbg at>, sywang at (Shiao Y. Wang) says:
>Carlisle Landel (landel at helios) wrote:
>: We use dextran sulfate in our hyb solutions.  We keep a 33% stock of
>: the stuff, which it turns out started growing some kind of bug.  Can
>: you autoclave dextran sufate with impunity?  (Filtering it is an
>: exercise in patience in the *extreme*.)

We use 50% Dextran Sulfate for Southern/signal amplification.
Simply add 0.2% Sodium Azide for perservation. It work fine for more than one year!
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