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>Hey netters,
>I'm working with the human fibroblast cell line MRC5CV1. Does anyone know
>if there is a risk for human working with SV40 transformed cell lines?
>If there is any literature about it, please let me know.
>Thank's for your help

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SV40 transformed cell lines are usually handled in biohazard hoods to reduce 
risk of exposure. Humans can apparently pick up this virus, but I don't know 
of any proven disease associations. 
An article in New Scientist (21 may 1994, page 4) mentions SV40 as a 
contaminant in early polio vaccines (1954-1963) administered to millions of 
people. The article goes on to discuss how a mystery virus found in 
mesothelioma cells (asbestosis related lung cancer) appears to be SV40. I 
would be interested to learn of any further work in this area, or other 
disease associations of SV40.

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