pWE15 Cosmid vector

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D L Clarke (mb935645 at wrote:

> Does anybody have the sequence or a decent map
> of the cosmid vector pWE15.  If so could you e-mail
> it to me I would be most grateful.

there are two copies of it in GenBank
X65279 looks like it have better annotations.

borth can be retrieved with retrieve at
or (network) entrez



(info about any of the above: send a message to:
info at

LOCUS       PWE15        8136 bp    DNA             SYN       09-SEP-1992
DEFINITION  pWE15 cosmid vector DNA.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..8136
                     /organism="Cloning vector"
     misc_feature    1..8136
                     /note="pWE15 cosmid vector"
     promoter        2..19
     promoter        8114..8130

LOCUS       SYNPWE15     8164 bp ds-DNA             SYN       03-SEP-1992
DEFINITION  pWE15 cosmid cloning vector.
     source          1..8164
                     /organism="Cloning vector"

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