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Wed Mar 15 19:01:40 EST 1995

I have been using the Baculovirus expression system for expresion of a viral
gene. Thus far all my expression and recombinant protein production work was
done in TC100-10%FCS medium. But recently I started adapting the SF9 cells to a
GIBCO serum free medium called,SF900II. With abit of toruble I could wean them
onto Sf900II(cells are now growing like wildfire!!). But Subsequently whenever 
I have done infections in these.                                     .
conditions, there is no rec. protein, even less virus production. If I seed
cells from SF900II ,but during infection replace with TC100-10% FCS ,I get good
yield of the rec.protein.
However, I would like to use the advantage of the serum free conditions for
production of rec. protein.
Can any one help with this problem???
If you have any suggestions can you email me at the address below
anjali at

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