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On Mon, 13 Mar 1995 08:38:26 -080,
  Rhodora Argonza writes:

>I am in a high throughput genotyping lab.  We assess any and all kits and 
>methods for DNA extraction since the process is our greatest time 
>consumer.  Could you send me the ordering information for the kit you 
>mentioned and the address and phone for SCOTLAB please?  Thank you in 
>On 10 Mar 1995 I.Ridgers at nhm.ac.uk wrote:
>> On 7 Mar 1995 19:43:40 GMT,
>>   Brad Thomas writes:
>> >We are a diagnostic lab with a high throughput of samples for
>> >genetic testing. Does anyone know of a kit that is easy to use, rapid,
>> >and gives good quality DNA in good yield from lymphocytes or whole
>> >blood. DNA is used for Southern blotting and PCR templates.
>> >We have not had good luck with column techniques.
>> >Currently we are relying on labor- and time-intensive
>> >phenol-chloroform extractions.
>> Brad,
>> Have you ever tried using  'NUCLEON' kits marketed by Scotlab.
>> The kit uses dumb-bell shaped tubes and a silica resin slurry to separate
>> the DNA containing phase from the organic rubbish phase. (You do have to
>> use Chloroform).
>> Some of my colleagues prefer this method, and say that it requires alot
>> less pippetting, gives good quality DNA and in higher yields, than by
>> Phenol/Chloroform. They have also been know to work when the phenol/
>> chloroform extraction method has failed.

I don't know how out of date the catalogue I've got is but the following 
might help

Nucleon 1 kit (40 preps) small vols (0.05 - 1.5 ml) Cat. No. SL-8501

Address: SCOTLAB, Kirkshaws Rd, Strathclyde, Scotland , ML5 8AD  U.K

Tel: (01 236) 449330  Fax: (01 236) 449329

I don't know about distribution in the States, as I am not connected with 
this company in anyway.

Good Luck
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