HYbridization Incubator

Simon Baker sbaker at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Thu Mar 16 07:08:08 EST 1995

bcdlee at hkpucc.polyu.edu.hk wrote:
: One of my project students is trying to use a newly acquired hybridization
: incubator for Southerns. He uses the DIG system and gets color all
: over the membrane. The hybridation incubator is the new rolling type. We
: figuered after a few times that it must be problem with the prehybridization
: step. We decided to go back to the old plastic bag. Everything is working now.
: Does anyone on the net experienced similar problem?
: Why is it so?
: Any special tricks when using the rolling type hybridization tubes?

Are you using an additional nylon membrane, slightly larger than the 
nitrocellulose? Place this on top of your nitro' and then roll up to put
in the incubator. We have not had the problem you describe except when the 
methodology was substandard anyway...

Simon Baker
Oxford UK

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