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> Hey netters,
> I'm working with the human fibroblast cell line MRC5CV1. Does anyone know
> if there is a risk for human working with SV40 transformed cell lines?
> If there is any literature about it, please let me know.
> Thank's for your help
> Sabine
> Sabine.Hanelt at

SV40 does not affect humans. Its host range specificity in vivo is
restricted to its natural hosts (monkeys), whereas in vitro it infects and
transforms a variety of mammalian cell lines including humans (of course) .
Any general Virology book or even MolBio books with a section on
oncoviruses will tell you so. Moreover, I think that in the absence of
viral particles production (and I do not think your transformed cell line
undergoes to lytic infection) any infection is indeed impossible. Sterile
manipulation required for human cell lines required to prevent
contamination of your cells by other micro's (like mycoplasma) is enough to
make you feel protected.

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