The One-dollar Gel Box-Graphite plates for blotting

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> Hello:
> I really like this idea...much better and neater than the corroded 
> paperclips I have seen used.  I wonder if there is some kind of silicone 
> grommet that can be used to hold the graphite instead of a dab of 
> silicone seal?
> Now, to take it a step further, does anyone know where to get flat 
> graphite plates so I can make a cheap semi-dry electroblotter?
> Daniel Kim

This is within the realm of reality. When I first saw western blotting
oh-so-many-years ago it was in Tony Hunters lab where Jon Cooper (now at
the Hutch) used a carbon plate for wet transfers. As I recall, it was a
carbon-impregnated plastic plate, since pure carbon would have been too

I haven't the faintest idea where they were obtained, but electroplating
equipment comes to mind. Anyone at the Fred Hutchinson want to ask Jon
where he got them?


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