Rf: How "random" are random primers?

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Sat Mar 11 23:07:07 EST 1995

LOGAND (logand at msdos.montpellier.inra.fr) wrote:
: Allen Black wrote:

: >A friend of mine asked an interesting question.  What is the G-C content of a
: >random hexamer?  Before you flame, I know that it would be 50% if it is
: >truly random sequence.  The more relevant question is perhaps is a random
: >hexamer truly random or is the G-C content decreased to increase the annealing
: >temperature of the hexamer.  My friend had no luck with the local tech-reps.
: >Can someone out there help my friend out?

I thought all random hexamer meant was a sample that included ALL 
possible  nucleotide sequences. Random hexamers are done in a reaction 
mixture that is 35-40C so I don't know how much importance annealing 
temperature will make in this case.
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